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How to kill Duriel

Duriel seems to be the easiest of act bosses. Of course, if you try to kill Duriel with level 14 char(Average char level, when players kill Andariel) It will be harder. But if you try appropriate lvl char (17-23), it`ll be easier.
Below (and on next pages) I marked how hard is it to kill a certain monster for each character class. (Scale 1-10) Of course it may vary (+/- 2), depending of which way are you building your character.


  • Open a portal(TP) before you enter Tal Rasha chamber
  • If Duriel didn`t locate you - run away from the enterance and open a TP. Do not attract any very strong monsters or crowds of monsters near dungeon entrances, portals, etc. Or you won`t be able to get your corpse if you die there!
  • Fill up your belt with potions.
  • Always keep "emergency" TP open and DO NOT attract Duriel to it!If you know, that you gonna die, don`t die near TP!
  • If you playing for non-melee-combat char and can`t summon any stuff to help you - hire a fighter.
  • And once again: DO NOT attract Duriel to chamber entrance or your TP!

I`m putting that much accent on last thing because there is a way to get your corpse from Andariel, Mephisto, Diablo, etc. Because there are 2 seperate entrances (including your TP). Tal Rasha`s chamber is too small and if you lead Duriel to your TP (which is almost always placed near the entrance by stupid newbies) you won`t be able to get in again.
I did that mistake only once and I spend like 40 minutes trying to get my corpse. (And I didn`t) That was enough for me to realize this: DO NOT attract any very strong monsters or crowds of monsters near near DUNGEON ENTRANCES, PORTALS, WAYPOINTS, TOWN EXITS, IN LONG DOORWAYS AND DIABLO II SHORTCUT ON YOUR DESKTOP :)
Oh I forgot this page is not about attracting monsters. :) Its about Duriel. So, back to Duriel.


Normal Difficulty = 3, Nightmare(NM) = 4, Hell = 4
Nothing very speical: If you can summon a valkirye - do it. If you can`t - don`t do it. Simply take a hireling from Greiz. Or what`s that jerk`s name in the northeast corner of the town? Remember to buy some thawing potions, because Duriel has cold attack.
And DO NOT attract Duriel nea-- Oh no, I stack with this phrase. I must to get rid of it!


Normal Difficulty = 1, Nightmare(NM) = 1, Hell = 2
That`s just time to rest! Take a pop and chips, assign bone spear to left mouse button, blood golem to right, put your foot on the mouse and relax! ;) Probably I`m a little exaggerating but Duriel is Very easy for necro.
Just wait till level 18 on normal difficulty. Summon Blood Golem and use Iron Maiden. Stay away from Duriel`s attack range (He doesn`t have any distant attack types!) and resummon the golem each time it`s HP is below 15%. Also you can help him with bone spear if you have much mana.
In NM time to get duriel is when you have at least lvl 4 bone spirit. Than you can stay in the farthest corner of the chamber and launch bone spirits, while Duriel is busy with your golem. Isn`t it easy??? I wanted to mark Difficulty as "0", but I said that scale is 1-10. So, I just had to mark it 1. ;)


Normal Difficulty = 2, Nightmare(NM) = 4, Hell = 4
DO NOT ATTRACT DURIEL NEAR-- I hope, you know what i was going to say. That`s really Rule #1 for barbarian. That`s because barbarian without his armor and weapon is extermely useless. And if Duriel is staying near the enterance you, obviously can`t get your stuff back.
Strategy is similar to one u used with Andariel It won`t change from one diff. level to another, because your`s and Duriel`s dam should grow proportionoly. If you see a big difference between fighting Duriel in Normal and NM - probably: you develop your char wrong; you got a bad weapon; you should level up few times before facing him again; you took too much alchogol last night; you`ve got to see a doctor; your mouse is not connected. If you got nothing wrong and you still can`t beat Duriel - You`ve got to see a doctor ;)


Normal Difficulty = 2, NM = 3, Hell = 4
It won`t be a big problem. Sacrifice + Thorns + Many healing potions and you`ll be OK. The more HP(Hit Points or life or whatever you call that) you have that`s better. As I said before paladin really needs much HP.
You don`t even need any "advanced" spells for Duriel. If you have a lvl 10 thorns Duriel will get up to 235 dam back on Normal, up to 670 on NM and up to 1250 on Hell.
So have fun, and see a dooctor if you still can`t beat Duriel with your barbarian.


Normal Difficulty = 4, NM = 3, Hell = 4
Not that easy as others, but not hard too.
DO NOT attract Duriel near the entrance!!! Because, if you`ll die and Duriel will be on your way, you won`t be able to get your corpse.
So, take a hireling from Greiz and go ahead.
NORMAL: While hireling is taking Duriel`s attention sneak behind him and use Static. This way you`ll reduce his health to 10% and than finish him off with fireballs or lightning.
NIGHTMARE:Same tactic, but keep Duriel frozen with blizzard or frozen orb.
HELL: First of all prepare to go to town any moment. Always stay near TP. When Duriel will kill a hireling, immediately go to town and get a new one. You`ll have to "change" hirelings more than one time.

Thats all about duriel, but you can take a closer look at Duriel`s stats here
Easy, huh? But DO NOT attract Duriel near chamber enterance or your TP!

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